Yoga Soul Winter Class Schedule is Live

winter-classesYoga Soul’s winter class schedule is Live! Enjoy our monthly, auto withdrawal only— but with no contract term (you may cancel in writing with 2-weeks notice at any time), $69 per month unlimited class membership. This means that if you attend 4.5 classes in a month, you will cover your membership fee. If you come more, then of course each class becomes increasingly less expensive.

Now is the time to commit to creating a healthy mind, body and soul life-balance for yourself. It will never happen if you don’t begin. Start now with Yoga Soul and experience how your life shifts for the better!

Yoga Soul in St. George, Utah is truly a special place. We only hire teachers who are experienced and commit to live their life with an authentic yoga heart. Each teacher has done, and continues to do the work to understand how to tune into each student’s needs, while also holding space for the collective community spirit of the entire class. This takes a lot of education and experience.

We are honored to serve our community with yoga experiences that will benefit your life well beyond the mat. We hold the perfect number of classes to serve our students while maintaining the excellence and quality of teaching each student deserves. We invite you to join us and learn the truth of what yoga can mean in your life. The deep value of each class will shine for itself! But you will not understand this until you give it a try.


Rachel & Yoga Soul