Two New Yoga Soul Classes on the Schedule!

It is nearing fall time. This means back to a routine. Nourishing your body, mind and spirit should be high on your list to integrate into your schedule. Yoga Soul is helping with that by offering two additional classes taught by two of the most quality teachers in the St. George area. For a full list of Yoga Soul classes refer to our always up-to-date schedule

Breanna Nelson

Breanna Nelson

Breanna Nelson is Yoga Soul’s newest teacher! She is excited to share her expertise and talents by leading an evening flow that will both challenge her students, yet leave them ready for a great night’s sleep. This class will be Thursday Evenings from 7:30-8:30PM.







Jenny Compass

Jenny Compas

Jenny Compas, a gifted yogi we are fortunate to have as a teacher at Yoga Soul, will lead an inspiring Vinyasa practice Wednesday 5:00-6:15PM. She is marvelous and not to miss. Jenny also teaches Wednesday mornings at 9:15-10:15AM.