My Perfect Yoga Studio – by Dan

Aum Om SymbolI want to go to a yoga studio that is inclusive.There is no reason why yoga can’t and shouldn’t be separated from Hinduism. Yoga was made for people, people were not created to serve yoga. We live in the west and have western bodies.Yoga must serve us and there is no reason it shouldn’t be adapted to our culture, our physiques and our spirituality.Let me emphasize that I don’t believe yoga should be separated from spirituality. I don’t believe in either extreme.Yoga should be adapted to the new spirituality, which is inclusive of all religions and creeds that espouse love and peace and mindfulness.

I believe a yoga studio should be an oasis of tranquility and acceptance.I don’t think I should be told what to eat and what to drink, what to think and how to behave.I so enjoy coming early and stretching in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

I believe a yoga studio should be harmonious, that is gender neutral. In most yoga studios men are treated as minorities and somehow second class. This is not harmony.I need an environment of acceptance where people check their animosity at the door.

I want to attend a yoga studio that has a social place.A place where people of like minds can sit and talk.A place where people can chill and hang out.

I want to go to a yoga studio that expands my heart and mind, as well as my body.A studio, with lectures and music and poetry. A studio that ties yoga to the possibility of spiritual awakening and spiritual advancement.

I want to attend a yoga studio that acknowledges that each and every one of us is his or her own guru.What we seek is inside of us already, a seed ready to sprout and bloom.Yoga is, for each of us, what happens on our own mat. More importantly, yoga is about inner transformation and not perfect asanas.It is less a path, then an ascent.It is vertical, not horizontal.It is not what can be seen with the eye, but what can be felt with the heart.

However, I question if there are others like me?

Dearest Dan, Thank you for your heartfelt words and vision. Much gratitude to you always for assisting Yoga Soul to create our inspiring space. Namaste’