Mindful Meditation ~ You Can Now Donate Online!

Photo from Red Rock Meditation Site

Photo from Red Rock Meditation Site

We are fortunate to welcome John T. Jones II, Ph.D., director of The Red Rock Meditation Center to Yoga Soul. John is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Dixie State University where he teaches multiple courses, including Personality Theory and Mindfulness and Well-being.

If you ever thought you couldn’t meditate, or if you already practice meditation and would like more guidance or opportunities for practice, learning from John is your solution.

John is offering a free mindful meditation series at Yoga Soul. Please see The Red Rock Meditation Center for details and updates. John will soon unveil a weekly drop in meditation opportunity.

Donations are graciously accepted to support this life enhancing endeavor. If you would like to donate in support of John’s guidance please choose below.

Mindful meditation in St. George is finally here! Choose to live your life consciously.

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  • Donate Monthly- May cancel any time.