Kick Your Yoga Asana Classes at Yoga Soul!

redone-yoga-soul-heartssignup imageYoga Soul is Offering a Kick Your Asana Class Series! Commit to your health! Join this special class series at Yoga Soul and watch your mind, body and soul become more fit, flexible and balanced.This is your chance to COMMIT to creating balance in your life. Yoga is best experienced consistently through time. We would love to have you at the Yoga Soul Studio to share your yoga asana practice.

At Yoga Soul we go beyond the practice. We commit to our students to always show up for you! We choose to be present, engaged and do our very best to assist YOU to finding your best self! We welcome you as a beginner to seasoned yogi to commit to your yoga practice and experience the magic that yoga is, with an authentic dedicated practice. Jenny Compas and Camille Zolman will be your teachers! You will love each of their open hearted kindness, merged with deep knowledge of well-educated and experienced teachers. Sign up here, or simply show up at the studio 15 minutes before your first class to begin your amazing transformation with a consistent yoga practice at Yoga Soul.
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