Gratitude Tree Yoga Soul st. George UtahOn Gratitude~ Yoga Soul is the manifestation of the dreams, wishes, intentions, courage, grace, and love of many. All who are a part of our Yoga Soul family feel it is a calling to come together to celebrate connection, humanity, beauty, positive growth, nature’s wonders, and community through yoga.

The creation of the Yoga Soul Studio was made possible by loving souls who dedicated time, resources, energy in many ways, and the human need to have a beautiful space to practice yoga. Beautiful Souls we feel special need to thank and celebrate can be found below. Namaste’

Eric Martin~ A dedicated soul to the vision of Yoga Soul. Without Eric’s presence, patience, teaching, business capabilities, tech saviness and Love, Yoga Soul studio would not be manifest. Much gratitude always.

Dan Hoffman~ A true yogi who sees beyond what most could comprehend. Thank you for your vision. Much gratitude to you forever for being the final push to help Yoga Soul take flight.

Katrina Reynolds~ An incredible cyclist, runner, and martial artist. Katrina is also a gifted graphic designer whom donated countless hours developing the Yoga Soul and NewAgeAthlete logos. Yoga Soul is forever grateful to her heart and kindness and the countless ways she selflessly gifts humanity. Her information is here  and with the Salt Lake City Krav Maga Facebook.  Much gratitude to your forever gift of true friendship.