Yoga Soul Studio, located in City Center, 55N 100W, St. George Utah, 84770 (look for white building behind Voyager Wealth with colored curtains in window) and aspires to maintain a safe and harmonious community inspired environment where all are welcome. Each individual matters and plays integral roles on this Earth. We seek to assist each student to connect to their inner guide and encourage trust and personal growth on their journey as they discover their own authentic self.

Yoga Soul endeavors to assist and create space for each individual as they set forth to embrace and live their own greatest human potential. Our intention is to help all seeking to experience the quintessential freedom to exemplify the person they were born to be. By reaching out with acceptance to all, we dedicate our lives to ultimately playing a role in healing humanity as a whole.  Yoga Soul understands each human has their own story and walks through their own unique life.

  • If you are looking for simply an exercise class, this is not for you. The yoga experience at Yoga Soul will make you fit and flexible, but those are simply a small part of the practice.
  • We only hire experienced teachers who understand the depths of yoga.
  • We believe in choosing happiness, planting seeds of love and abundance, practicing yoga, meditating, laughing, traveling, family and friends, learning new things, being consciously grateful and helping those in need.
  • We choose to live beautiful lives of integrity.  Yoga Soul’s endeavor is to be a direct mirror of this.
  • We aspire to continually educate ourselves in all aspects of our yoga practice and philosophy.
  • We strive to guide our students to find their own human potential.